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Why dental advertising bombs

If you are like most practices, you have tried different types of dental advertising and it has failed. You shrug it off as a lesson learned, until the next great sounding advertising idea comes along. Once again, you are disappointed with the results. […]

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7 steps to online dental marketing

As with most forms of marketing, online dental marketing is becoming more prevalent. As more and more patients have access to the internet more are going to go there to research your dental office. So you need to be positioned to attract them and give them a good reason to open up your website and investigate you further. […]

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How to select a dental marketing company

Whether searching for dental marketing company or dental marketing companies, you are most likely looking for help with your marketing and are investigating companies that can be of assistance. […]

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The best dental marketing is inbound

As a dentist, you should be thrilled about the inbound marketing revolution and the impact it is having on the dental industry. The marketing revolution is a dynamic brought on by the popularity of the internet. It really plays to the strength of dental education over promotion. There are three main reasons why the marketing revolution is happening: […]

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Dental Marketing Kansas City

I am writing a blog to dental marketing Kansas City searchers, to discuss several things you should consider when looking for help marketing your dental practice locally:  how to effectively reach patients in different parts of the city and the pros and cons of different mediums to use in Kansas City. […]

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