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5-Step Dental Referral Program

I visit a lot of dental offices and I am surprised by how many offices don’t have a formal dental referral program. What makes it even more puzzling is that dental practices, even more so than most businesses, rely more heavily on word-of-mouth (dental referrals) as a main way to build their patient base. So why do they not make it easier for patients, employees and friends to refer them. […]

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Dental marketing vs. Dental advertising

Most of us use the terms dental marketing and dental advertising interchangeably. But as you probably suspect they are two distinct processes that are used to attract a prospect and activate them as a new patient. In this blog, I will discuss their differences; more accurately define the terms, and help you build a stronger program to reach more potential patients. […]

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Good dental practice marketing includes a new patient kit

A new patient kit is a very useful tool for a dental practice and the cornerstone of good dental practice marketing. You can give a copy to new patients to educate them about the benefits of your practice. You can send it to prospects when they stop by or call in to get more information. You can handout when giving presentations or attending networking events.  You can give it to happy patients to handout to their family members, friend and/or coworkers. […]

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