In my last article on dental marketing ideas I discussed a lot of theory about dental marketing ideas vs. dental advertising ideas. I discussed how dental marketing ideas dental marketing ideascome first, by determining who you need to market to and how to stand out by being different. I  based this off what clients value and the messages that are going to resonate with prospective patients to get them to take action.

For dental advertising ideas we look to reach that ideal prospective patient through a medium they read, hear, watch, and search. Dental marketing ideas find the food, prepare the meal and set the table – dental advertising ideas serve the dinner.

I kept thinking, when you put in the search term “dental marketing ideas” you probably were not looking for a definition of that keyword’s precise meaning. I also realized that I missed a great opportunity to give you some ideas you can use to market, advertise or promote your practice.

So here we go… “5 out of the box ways to promote your dental practice”.

1) Keep a dedicated small video camera ready and handy to capture any patients who are satisfied with your service and record their “very pleased” comments. These video testimonials used on your website are priceless. It works even better and comes across more sincere, when they are candid and have imperfections. It is best to assign someone to the task that has an affinity for the lens and a personality to draw out such comments.

2) Hand written note cards go a long way to thank patients who are new to the practice or refer others. It is best to hand write, sign your name, hand address and hand stamp the note and envelope. These extra measures show you really appreciate their business and set you apart from the pack. Whenever you can get your patient to tell others about the extra attention you gave them, you are sure to attract more referrals.

3) Recognize your current patient base by running an ad including a photo, congratulating their personal achievement, charitable donation or community involvement. Find a paper or magazine that reaches your local patient market. Make sure to ask for the charity/community rate. Acknowledge that you are congratulating your patient; however, do not advertise your services.

4) Recognize a patient’s continued involvement with your practice. Send a one-year anniversary package with tooth paste, toothbrush and floss. Send a card with movie tickets at their five-year anniversary and a restaurant gift certificate to mark their ten-year anniversary. This gives patients a reason to tell their friends and neighbors how special you made them feel and that you are grateful for their patronage and loyalty.

5) Advertising in the local neighborhood directories close to your office location. Promote an invitation for the readers to meet the dentist, their team and tour the office. If available, combine the ad with the neighborhood newsletters and on the neighborhood websites.

In summary, move ahead with these tactics, but do so cautiously. Remember, “Tactics before strategy is the noise before defeat” – Sun Tzu

It is always good practice to know who you serve well and build your target market strategy around them, in order to reach your ideal patient. Couple this with your differentiator and you have an effective dental marketing strategy.

The messaging you develop from the above strategy needs to resonate with your ideal patient. If you do so, the above dental marketing ideas can attract more patients just like your ideal patients.

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