As you enter in the search term dental office marketing, what are you expecting to find? Are you looking for ideas to help you market better? Perhaps, you’re trying to find a program, a company or a consultant to help you with your marketing. Or maybe, you are investigating to see what other practices are finding, when looking for help with their marketing.

The context of the term is critical to getting you the information you want. I find it best to scan the other Google search descriptions around the term to see if I am in the right place. If the descriptions have relevant topics I can probably find what I am looking for.

Let’s investigate the following Google search; Take the terms Dental office marketing:

First we will find total Google searches for the term and average time on the search page. See below: About 23,900,000 results (0.30 seconds)

You have 3 paid ads across the top and nine down the right side. See three top ads below:

Ads related to dental office marketing

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As you review the search results you will see a bar across the top with a very light orange color behind it, with 1 to 3 search results. These business have purchased this spot to advertise to you (how Google makes money) at a hefty average Cost-Per-Click of $20.65.

It is the same with the column that runs along the right side of the ad. With this kind of investment in an ad click, you can bet they are interested in selling you something to recover their ad cost. This reaches about 15 to 20% of searchers. Not a bad place to be if you are trying to reach a hot buyer. See right column below for the top 5 ads listings:


Online Dental Marketing

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Dental Office Marketing

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Dentistry on Hold

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Most searchers go to the organic listings which are below the sponsored colored bar at the top and to the left of the sponsored ads in the right column. These searchers are looking for information, not necessarily to buy a product or service. You will find 10 to 12 organic listing per page. Approximately 80 to 85% of all people search here.

Anatomy of a Goggle searchWhen we break down the listing, we will find a bright blue bar across the top called the Title Tag. (See first listing below), the company named this blog: Dental Office Marketing Ideas | Dental Marketing Blog. The search engines place a great amount of importance on the term in this location. The title tag turns purple when you click on it to remind you, that you have been here before. See graphic above for a comprehensive break down of a listing.

Next you will find the web address (URL) of the company and the location of the keyword phrase. Followed by the date of the page or post and the snippet or Meta description (of what the page is about).

After that you can see how often you have visited the page and when you last visited the page.

You will find a full range of listings, blogs, videos and images and information about “dental office marketing”. See the 11 organic listing below:

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I hope this helps you navigate a Google listing more efficiently. For more dental office marketing ideas go to and sign up for our weekly dental marketing tips.

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