One of the best ways to market your business is to use your knowledge to help others at no cost. Now I am not talking about giving away the farm here, but have a few things “related to what you do” that will be appreciated:

  • An evaluation form to get more information
  • An article about their situation
  • A great buy to save them money
  • An internet tool to make things easier
  • A service that can solve their problem

The list goes on and on… Be on the lookout for these treasures and file them away for the right occasion.

Then spend a little time helping them understand what you have giving them and pepper in your expertise.

They will certainly want to return the favor. It may come in the form of hiring you for work or a raving referral to an ideal prospect. This good deed works especially well with people who influence your ideal customer.

When we help people it builds trust quickly and creates a story for people to talk about you.

If you have any questions please contact email me at