A new patient kit is a very useful tool for a dental practice and the cornerstone of good dental practice marketing. You can give a copy to new patients to educate them about the benefits of your practice. You can send it to prospects when they stop by or call in to get more information. You can handout when giving presentations or attending networking events.  You can give it to happy patients to handout to their family members, friend and/or coworkers.new patient kit resized 600

The kit can provide a number of items to help patients get the most out of your practice. As a kit you can add or subtract documents depending on the needs of your patient prospect. For example a new patient might like to see a welcome letter, where as a prospect calling in for whitening might like to see information about the process and products you use. The bonus benefit of the kit is it makes great and useful content to put on your dental website as well. Items to include in your new patient kit are:

·         The benefits of becoming a patient: How are you different than dentists who practice in a 3-5 mile radius around your office? How do you serve patients really well? What procedures do you enjoying and would like to do more of? One caveat – whatever your differentiation is it must be valued by your patients. If you don’t know survey them, to find out why they value you.

·         Your marketing story: This helps patients connect to you and feel more comfortable. Stories are easy to remember and easy to repeat, which makes them a great way to refer you. A good story has a human interest angle, such as, overcoming obstacles, following a long-life dream or carrying on a legacy

·         Doctor profile: Pictures and bios of the practicing dentist. This helps patients connect a little deeper with the practice, especially when the bios share a few personal things about their life, children, hobbies, charities they support…

·         Services: I know it sounds silly but a list of services is helpful to someone new. I knew a practice who was a preferred provider of Invisalign and a patient went somewhere else because they were not aware that they offered the service.

·         Process: The process of being a patients entails: Office tour, doctor introduction, meet the team, dental forms to complete, insurance considerations, first visit expectations, cleaning, x-rays, examination, treatment plan, goody bag, payment methods, recall appointment

·         Testimonials: A few testimonials about common issues you have solved for patients are a great Dental Testimonials resized 600way for patients to build confidence in your ability and see how you might help them solve a similar problem, such as minor corrections, or veneers to cover permanent stains.

·         Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): These are common questions that people need quick answers for: Do you take insurance – which ones?  Do you treat children? Do you offer nitrous Oxide Sedation? Do you have any late appointment times?

·         Housekeeping: The housekeeping items are all the things people need to know to become a patient with your practice: Address, directions, map, parking instructions, phone, fax, email, web address, online forms, days open, hours of operations, finance terms and options, Insurance providers.

·         Referral Program: An excellent way to build patients is through referrals. When you start getting lots of referral you know you are on the right track to building a busy practice. Include an incentive, such as, “We will credit your account with $30 each time you refer someone and they become a patient”. You will want to keep your patients in the loop about the progress of their referral. Make sure to send a hand written note thanking them for the referral. This is a surefire way to encourage them to send your more.

Now you understand why the new patient kit is a crucial cog in a dental practice marketing program. In summary the new patient kit is a great way to make patients feel welcome to your dental practice, connect with you and your team members, and have a better experience with your practice, which increases their likelihood of referring you.

Go to my contact page: https://redstarmarketing.com/dental-marketing-consultant/, and leave your name and address and I will mail you a copy of mine to use as an example.