One of the best lead generation programs I have ever heard of has nothing to do with advertising. It is about doing such a good job delivering your product or service, from start to finish, that the customer can’t help telling everybody they know what a great experience they had with your company!

Fishing for leadsNow as a business owner this is much harder than it sounds. Because to achieve such a feat it is going to take more than just delivering the product or service that the customer expects! You are going to have to blow them away at every interaction to get them to talk about you!

You will be forced to look at all area of your business: Finance, HR, operations, marketing, fulfillment, delivery…

So how do you go about delivering such an extraordinary experience? Start by following these 5 steps:

  1. Form a marketing strategy for your business: Establish a narrow target market who values what you do. Next, differentiate yourself from everyone who says and does what you do
  2. Map out touch points where you interact with your customer. For example, what event occurred in the buyer’s life that started them to shop for your product or service? How does the customer become aware of your product or service and what first impression did you leave them, who reached out and what transpired in the interaction – were they impressed?
  3. Ask yourself – what experience do I want my customers to have as they move through the buying cycle, write out an expected experience than write out an ideal experience, laminate it, practice it, and teach everyone in the organization how to deliver it with impact! This also helps you with qualified lead generation
  4. How can you add what I like to call: “under promise and over delivery” at different phases of the customer experience, e.g. after I initially meet a  prospect and we go over their marketing evaluation and website grader, I hand them a list of high ranking keywords to use or purchase for them a high ranking URL. These unexpected gifts make a big hit and get people talking about you.
  5. Lastly, follow up. This is the area that makes the biggest impact because so few people do it but also, it is the phase where customers are most likely to refer you to others

This process is well worth the time it takes to set up, refine and develop in to a system that everyone can follow. You will know when you have perfected it because clients will start referring you more often. If you would like to discuss your lead generation programs further I would be happy to do so. I can be reached at or 816-223-1400.