storyTo market and advertise effectively we need to spend some time thinking about what a successful marketing campaign looks and feels like before we develop a message, build an ad and place it. How would you feel if your ad run was wildly successful? What actions do you want the campaign to drive? and what results do you want to produce for your business?

It is about putting the correct vibes in place to attract potential customers. The key here is picturing a successful campaign ahead of time, getting excited about its potential response, and using that energy to develop an offer that is not only compelling but is in the right place at the right time!

Use the law of attraction to guide you so your successful image of your ad campaign actually manifests itself. Be open to the process and use your intuition to gather the tools and resources around you to make it work.

You also want to prepare yourself to except the business. Make sure you are able to accomodate an increase in business, have enough stock on hand and/or the personnel to meet the demands.