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Those of us in the fields of marketing and advertising are intuitively aware of the contagious effect positive energy has on the outcomes of our work.

A positive attitude seems to come naturally to the successful people in our industry.

The successful marketers tend to find better clients, produce stronger ad campaigns and land larger paying projects.

Why? Well it is because their positive energy attracts others; “like attracts like”. Positive people develop confidence and they begin to expect things to go their way; and they usually do. They have a healthy confidence because they learn how to control their outcomes through their positive thoughts.

When we apply this perspective to marketing and advertising it is no different:

  • As a marketer, if we believe we can find the ideal target market for a customer, we will. If we believe we can create the best message to reach an ideal target market we can! Those business owners, who are looking for an ideal target market and a strong message, will find us!
  • If we are confident we can develop an ad campaign that will increase sales – we will and we’ll attract those company’s interested in developing a strong ad campaign.

We become what we think about. If we think positively, more positive things will happen to us. In the fields or marketing and advertising our job is to increase our customer’s sales and that is why you find so much positive energy.