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Marketing is a continuous evolving organism. It changes as we change, to reflect culture shifts, advancements in technology and the delivery of new products and services to the market.

As we begin to use the other 89% of our brain, marketing will shift dramatically. Some of the recent seismic activity is starting to become prevalent with inbound marketing. Buyers in search of product information are tired of being pushed advertising by thirsty corporate money makers. They rather, delight in the content rich experience of a company that can actually help them with a buying decision in an informative and entertaining way.

I find it humorous and a bit trite that the large corporations have caught on to the concept but not the spirit. They appear to be helpful and look edgy but their motive isn’t pure, it is still about feeding the monster. The frequency of the message conveyed is sneaky and untrustworthy.

When starting a marketing program the truth is paramount. It should be at the core of every strategy. It is not about tricking the buyer to sale more products; it is about conveying the real benefits (inherent in the product and service) in a fun informative way, to a market that needs what you have.

So how do we do that? We have to build it in to the strategic planning process. After we gather all our objectives, customer surveys, competitive research, and consider our own position, we need to stare in to this molten stew of concepts and consider “what is the end result here?” Hopefully it goes something like (a happy customer who buys again and again and sings our praises to other like-minded customers).

Next we visualize this scenario throughout the planning process. As the strategy solidifies, we seek to create a truthful win-win message that matches our perceived customer’s positive experience, therefor delivering that experience.

Infusing a positive message into our customer experience is the new marketing frontier.

Shawn B. Russell

Business Diagnostics

Email: sbr@everestkc.net