HubSpot has some great lessons to teach us about online marketing Kansas City. In fact HubSpot does such a great job educating us about inbound marketing it is hard to tell what product or service they are selling. It is marketing software.

With all the great HubSpot whitepapers circling around out there you may have already seen or downloaded one to help you with your online marketing and not even realized they are in the business of selling marketing software to better help you measure your business.

HubSpot logo imageWithin their approach lies a great lesson for your business. Lead with information your prospective buyer finds irresistibly valuable. Nothing builds know, like and trust faster! When you help someone better understanding their problem, you build credibility as an expert and position yourself to earn their future business.

Some shortsighted mentalities say, “why would I give away my trade secrets, then they won’t need me”. And you are right, a certain segment of the population, the Do-it-yourself (DIY) crowd, will put your information in to play without you ever making a penny.

But there is a larger group that doesn’t have the time or is better off outsourcing projects – they are your target audience. In fact it kind of acts as a qualifier to weed out the DIY crowd and appeal to an ideal prospect who values what you do and can afford your services.

Another lesson we can learn from HubSpot is how they capture your information after you request a report you are interested in.  Once contact information is secured, you can send prospects more information they may be interested in. And they are smart about it, by making it a low risk decision on your part. They are not going to call and badger you. They are not going to sell your information. They just have an uncanny knack of sending timely information that you truly find interesting.

Yet, another lesson we can learn from HubSpot is how they nurture you after you request a report you are interested in. Idealy, they have already thought out what you need next to keep you intrigued and make an informed decision. In fact, they should know the next 5 steps and have put them into an auto responder, to deliver to you over the next month or two. If you are an ideal prospect this information is not only well received, it is timely.

HubSpot is marketing software that enables you to populate and measure the majority of your online channels: such as, your website, Face Book, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, email marketing, and your blog. It tells you who is going to your channels and reports back the manner in which they came in: Organic, direct, referral or through social media.

As mentioned above the software enables you to capture leads with call-to-action buttons and landing pages. You can then use their database tool to nurture the leads until they buy.

All the while it reports great analytics to help you change things on the fly to improve your response. As seen in the graphic here, HubSpot does a great job providing real-time HuSpot analytics reportanalytics for a number of different areas, all under one roof. You can even append some traditional marketing as seen under “other campaigns”.

They also have a number of other easy tools and apps that help you. To name a few, you can: measure your competition, keyword research tools, keyword finder, link grader, writing services and a marketing place full of helpful experts who are certified in using HubSpot.

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