Why is a dental marketing plan so important for your practice? We will examine the 5 Dental marketing planreasons why a dental marketing plan is essential for your business and what makes up a quality marketing plan.

  1. A marketing plan lights a path for you to follow
  2. It saves you time with your marketing efforts in the long run; all though it may take some extra time setting it up the front end
  3. It saves you money by not buying a number of different mediums trying to find something that generates new patients. In some cases you can cut ad budget to focus your marketing dollars to reach a certain patient
  4. When thought out well and methodically executed it makes you money, an investment, by bringing in new, quality ideal patients
  5. It keeps you on track. As you well know, it is easy to fall prey to the new advertising idea of the month. A good dental marketing plan acts as a filter that helps you say “no” to these ideas and also “no” to traditional advertising mediums that don’t match your direction.

What makes up a good marketing plan? First you start with an evaluation to understand what is working, what isn’t working and what you are spending. This allows you to form a base line and set goals and objectives for what you want your plan to achieve.

Next, we form a solid dental marketing strategy. This consists of determining who your “ideal client” is and how you are different than every other practice that says and does what you do. We boil this down to a concise message, tagline, talking logo and brand it so everyone who values this difference is drawn to you.

Once you have a good strategy in to place you should develop the materials for your online presence and marketing presentation kit. Most patients have no idea of all the services you perform or how to refer you to others. A marketing presentation kit allows them to do so.

After you develop your marketing materials you are ready to advertise your services. Use the following 3 prong approaches:

  1. 2-step ad, where ever your patient is, give them a reason to come to your website or practice to get more information in the form of a white paper, report or valuable download – such as “Whitening tips you must know before you start”.
  2. Press releases; make sure the media knows about new changes in your practice, new procedures or even a charity you support
  3. Set up a strong referral program where you not only incentivize patients but also employees when they refer someone to your practice. The more personal your referral, with a well thought out gift and a hand written note, the better.

Last but not least, wrap it up with a written dental marketing plan, a marketing budget and a marketing calendar to keep you on track.

If you want more information about how a plan works, come to our website at www.redstarmarketing.com and download a free copy of “7 Steps to Dental Marketing Success.” You will see a button for it on the rightside bar.