Dental Postcards

Red Star Marketing has been coordinating and mailing dental postcard campaigns for over 20 years and understands the detailed process thoroughly. We use several different providers to match the needs of your practice and budget. To reach target markets, we coordinate and map out quantities, zip codes and zip zones to mail to the specific geographic areas you want to reach. You can choose to blanket an area around your practice or target specific demographics. We can help you design a postcard, set up your campaign, coordinate cost, print pieces and distribute your message with our simple, turnkey approach.

A few aspects we help you with are list, design, headlines, message lines, offers, card content, and card size. We are highly experienced in putting together quality mailings that produce results.

You can choose from dental postcards, brochures, bulk mail, new mover programs as well as traditional newsletters. We can even integrate your dental postcards with online ads to supercharge their effectiveness.

When Direct Mail is the Most Effective

The best time to run direct mail programs is January thru May and August through October. We are always ready to accept new mail projects. Mail programs take a few extra steps to get started so you want to plan an extra couple of weeks, especially for your first drop. Once in place a program can take less time to administer.

We are located in Kansas City and work with practices locally and nationally on all phases of dental mailings.

We have a soft spot for direct mail marketing, Shawn was actually taught direct mail marketing by the legendary Martin Baier, at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, who wrote the first direct marketing textbook.

Targeted Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the most cost effective methods to target new patients. For most dental practices 80% of patients come from a 3-mile radius. Most advertising reaches a much wider area than 3 miles, so huge portions of the messages are wasted. Direct mail can reach high-probability prospects that geographically surround your practice. This increases the likelihood of them becoming patients and saves you money.

If you are current doing mailings, it pays to do a vendor review to find out if you can save money. We are happy to assess your current plan to see if we can create a more effective and cost-efficient mail program or you.

Successful Dental Mailing Campaigns

We have run a number of successful mail programs for dentists and have been able to save practices over 50% off their current postcard program; around 25 cents to design, print, and mail a 4-color postcard. We can also do more targeted programs to reach specific households; for example, you may want to reach teens needing braces, high income earning households who can afford cosmetic treatments or older adults needing dentures.

To get started call Karen at 913-244-8105 or email to set up a time to discuss your mail project and see if we are a good fit to work together.

Now that you know a little bit about the dental postcard campaigns check out our page on dental websites.