Dental Marketing Strategies

It is smart to have a strategy or a plan before you start marketing your practice, build a website, market a new piece of equipment, add associates, a new location, and of course before starting up a new practice. We are always ready to develop a new dental strategy, plan or system for your practice.

We can work with dental practices locally and nationally. Our dental marketing strategies can be developed in person or virtually.

We see a big difference in proficiency between what a traditional consultant brings to a practice, verse a dental consultant, verse a dental marketing consultant. With a dynamic digital marketing world it takes a specialist to stay on top of all the innovations, technology, and new programs. Using the proven marketing programs provides us all the tools to produce effective dental marketing strategies, plans, or systems for your practice.

“The Essentials” Marketing program is ideal for busy dental practices seeking a step-by-step marketing plan to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Together, we develop a unique strategy for your practice. Once this is completed, we then develop a customized tactical plan to carry out your strategy.

This collaborative approach is designed to help you discover:

  • Who your “ideal” target patient prospect is
  • What makes you and your practice different
  • How to best position your practice in the marketplace
  • What tactics will work best for your type of practice
  • How to implement an effective lead generation system
  • How to develop an effective “patient conversion system” for your practice

To help you achieve your objectives, Red Star Marketing uses the Duct Tape Marketing System. You need to be prepared to devote 3-4 hours per week to the process. We will work to keep you on track, provide objectives and marketing expertise, survey your patients, guide you through the look and content of your marketing materials and assist you in building your plan.

Program Includes:

  • 4 – 90 minute personal coaching sessions
  • Unlimited e-mail/phone support during the eight-week program
  • Marketing System Workbooks
  • Action Assignments

Investment:  $2,995

Session #1 — Discovery  

  • Set vision, goals and marketing objectives
  • Develop Marketing Budget
  • Determine Patient Communication System to be used
  • Review current/target patient base
  • Establish marketing baselines
  • Review Business Evaluation
  • Define the competition and competitive landscape

Session #2 – Identify your Target Patient Market 

  • Conduct patient surveys
  • Define ideal patient(s)
  • Define key differentiators
  • Narrow target market
  • Determine what this ideal patient really wants from your practice

Session #3 – Develop your Core Marketing Message    

  • Create Marketing Purpose Statement
  • Develop What Do You Do For a Living Statement
  • Create an effective Talking Logo
  • Create Core Marketing Message of Differentiation
  • Review Hourglass Patient Conversion approach and how to make this effective for your practice

Session #4 – Lead Generation Strategies

  • Outline marketing material and content needed
  • Develop graphic look
  • Develop tactical plan
  • Identify advertising/promotional strategies
  • Create promotional calendar

We meet every other week for an hour and a half. In between meetings you and your team will have action items to complete. A strategy can take 6-8 weeks, a plan 2-3 months and a system 6-8 months.

To set up a time to discuss how a dental marketing strategy, plan or system could help your practice and take it to the next level, call Karen at 913-244-8105 or email

Now that you know how a strategy can help, you may want to learn about running a dental internet marketing program or dental postcard campaign to drive prospects to your practice.